We enjoy the unique process of giving homes a second (or third or fourth or fifth) life. With an extremely experienced and innovative team that prides itself on an exceptional and diverse skill set, as well as a knack for creative problem solving, Lee Gilman Builders excels at home remodels. We find great satisfaction in maximizing a house’s potential. Whether that means stripping it down to its bare bones or leaving as much of the original as possible, it’s our goal to transform your space into your home.

Individual Dreams. Individual Attention.

B&A Project 1
Townsend Residence
B&A Project 5
Warm Springs Residence
B&A Project 2
Edelweiss Residence
Arrowwood Residence
Leadville Residence
B&A Project 2
Hulen Meadows Residence
B&A Project 1
Bigwood Residence
Irene Residence
Onyx Residence